Research at Stockholm School of Theology

The research profile of Stockholm School of Theology (THS) relates to the two main fields of work of the School – theology, and human rights, respectively. Research at the School is carried out both as short and specific studies, and as long-term projects involving groups of scholars on a national and international level. Research is also commissioned to THS, by non-governmental organizations and churches, on an ad hoc basis.

Just to mention two examples of research projects: A recently finished multi-year project dealt with sociological and theological dimensions of the longitudinal development of some Free Churches in a western region of Sweden (Västra Värmland). Within the field of human rights and peace-building, there is an on-going comparative project involving NGOs, scholars and practictioners from three continents globally, in a study on the different expressions and approaches to the overlapping claims of human rights and peace-building in post-conflict situations.

Professors, teaching at Stockholm School of Theology, may fulfill a part of their position in the form of research or professional development work within their respective fields of expertise. In addition, some professors have external funding from Swedish research foundations.

Stockholm School of Theology has since long an established international network of contacts, in Latin America, Africa and Asia, besides its Nordic and European sister institutions. In 2008, the Methodist Church of Sweden joined the two originally founding churches of THS (The Baptist Union of Sweden and The Mission Covenant Church of Sweden), as a third and equal founding partner of Stockholm School of Theology. The wide-spread international network of the Methodist Church will add significantly to the global reach of students and professors at Stockholm School of Theology.