Christians of the Middle East, 7.5 Credits

Christians of the Middle East, 7.5 Credits

Spring semester 2018

The Middle East is a melting pot of three great religions. The actual tense religio-political situation is perceived as threatening to many people and religious groups. Many Christians are leaving the region. In this course we will study the religious landscape of the region with particular focus on the Christian churches in the past and the present. We will also study the ongoing efforts of religious meetings and dialogue. A field study is included in the course with visits to churches and areas where Middle Eastern Christians are praying and living.

At the end of the course, the student is expected to 
(master's level):

  • display a thorough knowledge ofthe religious map of the Middle East, especially with regard to Christian churches
  • have a significantly deepened ability to reflect on the functions of religion as resource, identity and motivational power in the political and social realities of the Middle East based on own experience
  • be able to analyze and articulate a comprehensive understanding of the greatness and the problems of being a Christian in the Middle East.   

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